Librarians and Media Specialists are Cool? You Have No Idea.

I have wanted to be a media specialist for most of my career.  What could be better than getting to share my passion for reading and words with kids?  Oh yeah, getting to do that PLUS getting to help them discover and inquire on their own about topics that interest them.

In the past, people have made comments about their old views on librarians.  My response is to tell them that it is not shelving and “shushing” kids anymore–librarians are cool!  A team teacher,  host as the “hub of the building” (I love hosting events–even if it is a faculty meeting), a life-long learner in technology, and of course, the person who can recommend fantastic books to young readers and curious minds.


Blog and Skype Success

Whoo Hoo!  I have successfully created both a Skype and WordPress account.  This is my first entry on my first blog.  Right now, I am feeling like Julie from Julie and Julia — though I do not have Beef Bourguignon on the stove nor do I plan on starting my own cooking show anytime soon.  So for tonight, I just have the good feeling of making a Skype and typing on my first blog page.