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Learning Logs – “wikis”

7th Grade Reading Mrs. Crase

Description of wiki:

                I was visually attracted to this wiki because of the colors and the simple words and links.  Mrs. Crase had a chart entitled “21st Century Student Outcomes and Support Systems” on the front page, so that showed me that her she was a teacher who has had similar training with teaching the 21st Century learner.  The items on that chart reflected everything we have been discussing in this course, so I was hoping that this one may act as a “model” wiki for me and the one I will design. 

                Listed on the main page was a reading unit for each quarter.  Background information and videos, rubrics to the unit assignment, sample unit assignment and other suggested readings were included when I clicked on one of the quarter assignments.  I really liked that all of the information was right there for parents and students to access from home at any time.  Though no one left a comment, there was a place to offer one about the projects.  Listed in the “SideBar” were all of the assignments that Mrs. Crase assigned to her kids and also a list of school-wide announcements.         

How the wiki would help support teaching and learning:

                This wiki most supports teaching and learning by encouraging parental involvement.   Mrs. Crase had a document entitled, “Strategies for Parent and Students to Increase Learning”.  This whole site is a giant collaborative hub for teacher, student and parent to be active and participate.  Parents can actively ask their students about the topics that they are discussing in school, view all of the videos that their child saw and even have the assignment and rubric expectations to open at any time.  With the parental support, Mrs. Crase can have the classroom learning encouraged at home.


Description of wiki:

                Joyce Valenza created this wiki as a place for teachers and librarians to collaborate.  Anyone may write her to be invited to join, but until then, one may not post on the site.  Visually, the site is not very interesting to look at, but it is well organized and I would like to create my topics and categories as neatly as she.  There were categories for book recommendations by grade, information about literacy by grade and links to teacher and school library blogs.     

How the wiki would help support teaching and learning:

To me, this wiki would support teaching and learning most by offering so many links to digital learning and Web 2.0. It was almost as if Ms. Valenza took SLM508 as all of the links support digital bookmarking, digital learning and many other of the topics we discussed.   As a librarian, I know that I will have to explain the importance of and offer samples of digital learning projects for teachers that are unaware.  This site will support my teaching in giving me quick tools to reference and a number or other teacher resources to talk with.   This Online collaboration of joining this will, in turn, affect my teaching as I will always have a fast way of acquiring knowledge and create lessons of value for my students.

Using Web 2.0 to Lure Middle School Students to the Library

Description of wiki:

                I was attracted to this wiki by its title.  Sadly, students may be turned off by the media center and so “luring” them with meaningful and engaging activities may be a way to turn their attention to the library and discovery.  I liked this wiki as it is simple, to the point and offers answers that are easy to understand.  I would use this wiki as a resource when trying to teach students or teachers about creating digital projects.  The only downside to this wiki was that not many of the links worked.  This would have to be changed for use in the classroom. 

How the wiki would help support teaching and learning:

                If they all did work, I would use the sections entitled, “What is Web 2.0?”, “What is a Blog?”, “What is a wiki?”, “What is a Podcast?” and “What is Google Earth” for instruction for both teachers and students.  Each section already offers a sample of each type of media so all learners would have the chance to read about the tool the see a live example.  For teachers, I would use the section “Anyone Can Do it” to help any hesitant teacher see that by starting small, they can have all learners creating digital media projects in no time.  I’d like to create my wiki with as many examples and explanations as this one did.


About slm508kaf

I am a 7th grade teacher at Thurmont Middle School in Thurmont, Maryland. I teach language Arts and am active in the theatre program, CLC program, and also act as the 7th grade team leader.

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