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Well, I have joined the site, “Goodreads” and have started a small list of Holocaust novels to pair with the prejudice unit.   I would use this bookshelf as a recommended list for students and parents who wanted to learn more about The Holocaust.  I would encourage the two to read together and then fill out their own Goodreads bookshelves or add their opinions to mine.  This could open up discussion within the bookshelf and encourage students and parents to read in order to add more to their lists.  Classes could share their findings on a class blog, Twitter, Facebook, or Edmodo account, and be involved in recommending books to their peers and other parents.  Students love to recommend books to me and this would give them a place to do so, while practicing their written expression.  Another way I may use this site is for books for literature circles or lunchtime book clubs, which I do with my kids now.  Members of each could their recommendations on and the group could vote or even make a group shelf to document what they have already and soon want to read.


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I am a 7th grade teacher at Thurmont Middle School in Thurmont, Maryland. I teach language Arts and am active in the theatre program, CLC program, and also act as the 7th grade team leader.

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