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Learning Log — iGoogle

No more multi-clicking!

Though I have been a member of the Google community for about three years, I had never set up my iGoogle page.  This page will support my teaching and organization at school by keeping my shared documents, Twitter account, E-mail and Google Reader articles at the touch of a finger.  Every morning, I start my day by opening a Google Doc to provide students with their daily tutoring placements.  I then open a separate E-mail account, maybe check the weather on a different site and keep up with the latest articles that have been sent to me regarding teaching.  I feel naïve that I never knew I could set up my main Google page and then personalize it for my daily needs.  This will help in time efficiency so I can have more time to give to my instruction.  For teaching I can set up my feeds for what I am currently teaching in hopes that some of the ideas will be able to be used in the classroom.

In order to support learning, iGoogle offers me a chance to be in the captain’s seat to observe.  I can monitor the kid’s shared documents and collaborations for instant feedback.  I can also have instant access to E-mail to answer questions from parents or students.  Having the Goggle Reader feed ensures that I will always have fresh articles and ideas to offer to my kids in class.  If I continue with Twitter as a tool in my classroom, I can keep track of any tweet or assignment that a student completes on the site.  If not, I’m sure whatever educational site I choose will have a “gadget” so I can link to the feature.  My goal is to continue to use this page on a daily basis.  You can see that I already have my home school’s Google Docs  — I am excited at the realization that I will not have to click from window to window to find my daily documents anymore.


About slm508kaf

I am a 7th grade teacher at Thurmont Middle School in Thurmont, Maryland. I teach language Arts and am active in the theatre program, CLC program, and also act as the 7th grade team leader.

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