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Learning Log–Flickr Slide Shows

I am choosing the same topic for my slideshow as I did for my gallery as I really do plan to use these to resources in the last term of the school year when I assign a Holocaust novel to my honors classes.  I uploaded a few more than ten so that I would be able to apply this to my own classroom.  We also read many short texts based around the same theme of prejudice, which is one of the units in our 7th grade Language Arts curriculum.  All of those instructional stories add more depth to the students having a better understanding of the time.  Last summer, I visited Stutthof Concentration Camp in Poland.  These are photos from my trip that I took in order to use during the Holocaust unit that I do each year.

In this set, I plan for students to look at the slideshow and then get a better idea of what life in a concentration camp was like.  I would show this set after students have been studying the topic os that the scenes would’t be as shocking.  Students could then use the photos as another tool in writing a narrative on the feelings and emotions that a prisoner may of felt in a camp.  The pictures will give them a springboard in order to describe the colors, textures, possible climate or environment in general, fright and depression that they may write about.  Of course, students would use all of the other knowledge that they have acquired from the other text they have read or movie clips they have seen in order to tie all of the pieces together.  From past experience as a learner, I know that the student is usually more captivated by a topic if the teacher has witnessed herself and is sharing personal artifacts.  Hopefully, these photos and my personal experience and photos from the camp will help give the students a better understanding.

Here are some of the Frederick County Public School Standards that support what I would do with these photos:

  • LA.700.20.06 Recognize instances of propaganda and persuasive techniques.
  • LA.700.20.11 Reorganize information from different articles or procedures on the same topic.
  • LA.700.20.12  Compare and contrast information with prior knowledge.
  • LA.700.30.09  Students will apply and refine a variety of strategies to critically read and discuss texts representing diversity in content, culture, authorship, and perspective.
  • LA.700.30.09d   non-fiction, which may include biography, autobiography, essays, diaries, and journals.
  • LA.700.30.09f  reference, which may include textbooks, historical documents, newspapers, periodicals, editorials, speeches, interviews, nonprint materials, on-line websites and search engines.
  • LA 700.70  Students will demonstrate their ability to use the structures and conventions of the English Language in their written language.  


About slm508kaf

I am a 7th grade teacher at Thurmont Middle School in Thurmont, Maryland. I teach language Arts and am active in the theatre program, CLC program, and also act as the 7th grade team leader.

2 responses to “Learning Log–Flickr Slide Shows

  1. These are really powerful photos; it’s great that you have them to share with your students. I’m sure they will really respond to your personal experiences visiting. The slide show goes by really quickly – can you slow down the speed just a second or so on each slide? Is there a reason why you don’t include captions?
    – Kate

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