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Learning Log Flickr Galleries

In my Language Arts classroom, I can foresee using Flickr all of the time from now on.  Not only does it offer thousands of photos for students to use in their digital projects, but it also can be used as a prompt for a free-write exercise that I do every time I have a class for 90 minutes.  Also, students can collaborate on the site to create stories in which all group members can take part.  There were so many ideas shared, but I am just going to focus on a few. In the blog “Flickr and the School Library” I liked the idea that The Web Footed Booklady offered about showcasing on Flickr all of the ways the media center is used throughout the day.  As librarians, we are faced with the possibility that we may have to justify our job and the importance of the center.  Using this Online tool, photos of use during the school day, after-school programs, staff meetings, and even parents meetings can help to prove the value of the library.

In his article, “Using Flickr in the Classroom” David Jakes discussed all of the ideas mentioned and went on to provide an easy to read list about all of the ways that Flickr can be used in the classroom and how it can help students.

In my classroom, I would use Flickr’s lesson about Creative Common’s licensing as Jakes listed and also for digital field trips, as I will never get to take my students have the places we read about.  Elizabeth, in her post “Learn How to Create Engaging and Interactive Virtual Field Trips for Your Classroom” explained in great detail the importance of and a offered a free copy of instructions for creating the trip.

In the Language Arts curriculum, the objectives have been divided into thematic units.  One of the units in 7th grade is “prejudice.”  I chose photos that I would use as the students read texts from The Holocaust.  Some photos would be used to offer some background knowledge, others would be used to look at the propaganda of the time, while some display life in the camps.


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I am a 7th grade teacher at Thurmont Middle School in Thurmont, Maryland. I teach language Arts and am active in the theatre program, CLC program, and also act as the 7th grade team leader.

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