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Proof That Librarians Are Cool…

The Unique Librarian

The first blog that I have been was The Unquiet Librarian — Buffy Hamilton, who herself,  seems to be a true Georgia peach with over  19 years of teaching experience.  The site is full of informative posts from topics like, poetry, Nooks in the classrooms and collaboration and irquiry learning.  I found the site to be easy ti navigate and I liked that her posts included, models, pictures of her own lessons/organizational techniques and personal photos.  This blog was the winner of the Library Blogs in 2011 — so this a wonderful model for me to follow as I attempt to follow through with my goal of creating a classroom blog/library blog someday.

One post that caught my eyes was Time to Reboot The Universal Symbol for Library?  Hamilton brought the idea to her blog community that maybe it was time for a new sign rather than the blue one with a silhouette reading a book.  Some of her followers commented that they thought that tradition should be kept, another said that the sign should be updated to a modern version, while one even said that we should combine the two and perhaps have a Greek figure holding a book in one hand and a cell phone in the other.  I could foresee using this type of activity, maybe even a contest, in a media center.  Maybe have the kids research ancient signs that we still use, like in medicine, and then maybe make an updated version either using a computer program or by hand if they like art.  In an elementary and middle school, students would enjoy having their artwork around the halls of the school.

TLC = Tech + Library + Classroom

This library site caught my eye for two reasons.  1.  I am really trying to learn about all of the current technology that I am not using in my classroom. 2. I loved reading The Hunger Games and as I scrolled down, I saw a picture of the librarians acting out their own rendition of a book cover.  Priceless.  Part of what I have learned from this course is that people are suppose to network with other with the same type of interests, right?  Well — I am into tacky fun and these librarians seemed to be fun and still teach kids as they are doing it.  The purpose of the blog is to show other educators how to tie all three, tech, library and classroom together.  Visually, this blog is nice on the eye in the soft green and colorful picture ad recommended pictures stand out.  I will say that I expected there to  be more information about brining technology, library and classroom together–since that was the title.  I wasn’t overly impressed with the content on this blog, unlike The Unquiet Librarian.  I’m not taking much new learning from this blog.

On the Library Love post, Tara, the ES Librarian, International School in Bangkok, Thailand sent a shout out to her library assistants.  Though this may not have any actual educational factor, it was nice to see that she is on a collaborative team.  In my last class, I learned how important collaboration is in order to produce the type of media center where reading, research and technology are all combined.  With all three in place, student achievement can occur.  And, who doesn’t like a little praise to keep moral?

I clicked on the Skype and Connection post because Skype is new to me.  The post talked about how amazing Skype is for schools.  This is interesting to me as a teacher who has not witnessed this technology being used in my building, yet in Thailand, the kids are learning how wonderful this technology was.  I think her post was just a comment, but to me, it acted as a persuasive thought that I could be contacting other classrooms across the county or team teaching with other teachers to further my student’s learning experience.

The Daring Librarian

Danger is her middle name!  Out of all of the blogs that I visited, this was my favorite.   I felt energized as I scrolled through the pictures and titles.  Gwyneth Jones’ comic theme is perfect to hold student attention and she offers a lot of different information and links to the school’s wiki page and an online electronic portfolio.

The first post that I checked out was entitled, You’ve Got Game: Wii Learning.  This post highlighted an Online learning session about how to use the Wii gaming system to support math standards—hmm, video games and math?  Talk about engaging in hands-on way.  What I really thought was awesome about this session was that students were helping the teacher present the information.  So, the kids had to inquire and collaborate and the teacher acted as a co-learner with the students by taking part.  This is a useful model for teachers who would like to do more digital learning with their students with the help of the librarian.

The second post that I checked out was about all of the Lady Gaga Librarians uniting.  Jones started off by talking about media specialists possibly being cut because of the budgets.  She talked about how to be expandable and how librarians must put themselves out there in order to make know how important their jobs are.  She then said that a media specialists are a lot like Gaga when she said, “She loves her “little monsters” and so do we! She has style & doesn’t apologize! She doesn’t ask for permission.”  Jones was not saying that we should all be like Gaga — but was trying to explain that the outgoing attitude would be helpful in keeping media specialists in the schools.  As professionals, this is a good attitude to have–to put forth every effort to make great learning occur–it is not ideal that a librarian may have to fight for the job, but when the job is done correctly, we should be in all of our glory.

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